5 Tips for Instagram Success for Photographers


Out of the many social media platforms, there’s no arguing that Instagram is the best place to showcase your photography, engage with the wider community and gaining followers. Here’s some tips for Instagram success…

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a professional photographer looking to showcase your photos, it’s likely that your friends, fans and potential clients will expect you to be on Instagram. Instagram is not only a platform that allows you to be discovered, but it also enables you engage with the photography community and to never stop learning.

Although still new to some of us, it’s imperative to know how to navigate the algorithms, understand what content people want to see and how to get the best out of it for your photography business.

Set-up your account correctly 

Firstly, you need to ensure that you’ve got the right Instagram account for your needs – business, creator or personal?

As a creator you’ll be given access to the Instagram Creator Studio on your desktop, but you can’t connect your profile to any third-party apps. Whereas a business account will give you the best range of analytics.

Do the proper research and choose a set-up that fits you.

Once you’ve chosen, don’t forget to perfect your bio. Your bio is the ‘about me’ section that you’d find on a traditional portfolio website, so be sure to condense it accordingly and match it to your genre, style and general approach to photography.

Post regularly 

It goes without saying that not only will you attract more followers by following a schedule, you’ll also keep them. It’s easy for followers to dip in and out if they don’t see you producing and sharing regular content, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful for you.

You can plan your posting by using an Instagram scheduling platform, we recommend Sprout Social.

Dip into your Instagram analytics once you’ve begun posting and find out exactly when your audience is most active and engaged and schedule your content for then.

Don’t forget your Instagram Story! 

Share with your followers something about each one of your photographs by added it to your Instagram Story with a brief commentary.

Remember, this isn’t a traditional portfolio, so feel free to share behind-the-scenes of your photography work, from hiking to reach the perfect spot for a sunset snap to unboxing brand-new gear.

If you’re a travel photographer, you may even feature different Instagram Story sections on your profile for each country you visit!

Use hashtags strategically

Up to 30 hashtags can be added to each of your Instagram posts, this will then further increase your exposure to new audiences. However, you’ll want to use them smartly and avoid using banned hashtags or using ones that simply aren’t relevant.

Depending on your genre and style, you’ll want to do your own research on Instagram to find out what hashtags everyone is actively using.

As well as adding to the big, popular hashtags, you’ll also want to use lesser mainstream hashtags. This is because it will increase your chances of climbing to the ‘top’ of that hashtag, as there’s less competition.

Engage with the community

Instagram has several algorithms it uses to prioritise the images on a user’s feed. Naturally, you’ll need to be regularly uploading quality content, but you’ll also need to focus on the relationship with your audience.

If a user interacts with lots of your content, they are more likely to see what you post in the future. Engagement breeds engagement, the more you post interesting and fun stories and high-quality images, the more likely your audience will be to feed back to you again.

As well as this benefit, it also gives you the opportunity to talk to like-minded photographers and be an active part of the community.

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social network, you should be social with it and have fun! As well as promoting your work, look to meet new people and get real feedback on your photography.

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