A Squirrel Gets Spooky for Halloween in Incredible Wildlife Photography


As we approach All Hallows Eve, many of us are putting the finishing touches on our frightful Halloween costumes. However, these squirrels were captured getting into the Halloween spirit early as they played with a carved pumpkin in Sweden.

Award-winning photographer Geert Weggen captured the red squirrels poking their heads inside carved pumpkins after he gained their trust by regularly feeding them. The inquisitive squirrel stood on its back legs and examined inside the pumpkin which has been carved with a spooky Halloween face.


Weggen said, “Most of the time, squirrels are thought of as nice and gentle and loving. But they can also be a little dark. They can be very aggressive.

“This Halloween is a spooky time for people so I thought it was fun to show a little bit of the more evil side of squirrels.”

Much to Weggen’s delight, a second squirrel joined the fray and proceeded to have a tug of war over the menacing pumpkin.


Wildlife photographer Geert Weggen visited the wood in central Sweden from 23rd – 26th October to capture these images with a Halloween narrative.

Weggen is famed for his photographs of squirrels, having published several books to showcase his best photographs of the furry critters. He believes he has filmed around three generations of the woodland creatures over a span of seven years.

“Almost every picture I take is telling a story,” he said. ‘So, like with Halloween, I can imagine them as dancing skeletons.”

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