Details about Covid-19 and your Insurance policy.

Business Interruption   

Your  Business interruption cover: Specified Illnesses and COVID 19  and any other flu viruses are not listed under ‘Specified Illnesses’. This like many types of incidents is a standard exclusion. In addition,  this section of cover  normally relates to the material damage aspect business and there has to be forced closure by local authorities or the HM government.

Personal Message From Glover & Howe.

Here at Glover & Howe, like most businesses in our vicinity,  are open as usual; although due to Covid-19 we have relocated our staff to work from home and changed our opening hours to Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. We reassure you, that we like many business’s will be playing our part to minimise the spread during this critical stage of the virus development. These measures we are now taking will  help reduce the spread and speed up the time to we get back to  near normal in a month or two. Although many of the large Insurers are working from home, service levels  have not been compromised. We take this opportunity in wishing all our customers a safe passage during  these uncertain times and we reassure you we be available to deal with any queries you may have.

HMRC have established a help line for the self-employed and businesses who will be effected by the current restrictions around Covid-19.

The Coronavirus Help Line: 0800 181 4422 , 0300 456 3565 or 0800 0159 559 .

Advice provided will be around tax and any benefits you may be eligible for.

If you have any further enquiries regarding your Insurance policy, please contact us on 01206 814500 or

Below is the official statement for Association of British Insurers:



Below is the official statement for Association of British Insurers: