How Much Did the World’s Largest Superyacht Cost?


Superyacht building is a lucrative business! Each year, international builders – including from Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom – launch and deliver brand-new, and grander, yachts to owners around the globe. However, some yards, such as Germany’s Lüssen, create more than their share of the largest yachts, including the 180-metre long vessel called the Azzam.

The Azzam is the absolute pinnacle of superior luxury. Its pristine interior was constructed by German company Lüssen Yachts, and its grand exterior design was completed by Italian firm Nauta Yachts, all built bespoke for the president of the UAE. It’s safe to say that the appetite for this luxurious lifestyle acquisition is still performing well in the market!

Described as “a milestone in not only our history but yachting history as well”, the Azzam is an innovative and timeless design that boasts a 94,000 horsepower engine, which enables it to travel at approximately 30 knots!

Launched in 2013, this stunning, state-of-the-art superyacht fetches a modest price tag of over £400 million! Shrouded by mystery and to protect its wealthy commissioner, the Azzam boasts deck space that is closed down by surrounding verandas and its sundeck is also covered by glass for guests to enjoy relaxing in a climate-controlled environment.


It’s safe to conclude that everything about Azzam’s size and structure simply mesmerises anyone who finds themselves contemplating the yacht. With elements of a contemporary, modern architecture and a timeless elegance, the Azzam will represent a breakthrough in the superyacht fleet for years to come.

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