Making the Leap from Amateur to Professional Photographer

GettyImages-889507460-minMaking that initial jump from amateur to professional photographer can be both equally exciting and daunting. For many photography enthusiasts it’s their dream to become a fully-fledged professional photographer, but before you open for business, how do you ensure that you’re giving yourself the best shot at success?

(1) Know your camera (and equipment) inside and out.

It’s important to know precisely the things that your camera, lenses and lighting equipment are capable of. Capturing the perfect image relies on skill, experience and knowledge for your craft, not luck.

Before you begin to charge for your services, be sure that you not only understand your equipment but how to effectively apply it to your photography.

(2) Build an awesome portfolio – and share it!

Business is built on trust, and you can’t get clients if you don’t have any previous work to show them. Your portfolio will be your lifeblood when it comes to converting potential clients to paying punters. Take the time to craft something that you’re confident represents you and what kind of photographer you are.

It goes without saying but if people can’t find you, you won’t get any business. Be sure to build your portfolio on a platform that is easy to link to and that you’re willing to learn how to maximise the opportunity of. In addition to a website, there’s also a plethora of social media options that will help you get recognised, including Instagram and Pinterest.

Worried about people pinching your images? Be sure to place a watermark on them!

(3) Have a business plan.

“Plan your work and work your plan.”

Before you market your services and tout for potential business, you’ll need to have a firm strategy in place to help navigate the direction of the business. After all, this is now your livelihood.

Be sure to answer critical questions, including: Who is your target client? How much will you charge for your services? What differentiates you from your competition? What is the market like in your local area? How will you market yourself and your business to your target client? What insurance do I need to safely operate?

(4) Protect your business.

Just like in any business, you need to protect both your assets and yourself from liability. Don’t let your hard work go up in smoke because of an unfortunate accident.

At Glover & Howe, we offer comprehensive photographic equipment insurance whether you’re working from home, in a studio or on location, and we’ll cover any make or type of photography or associated equipment specified and owned by you. Being a fully Insured photographer can also be a selling point to clients as you are taking your business seriously!

(5) Understand the day-to-day life.

Being a professional photographer is a mix of being an artist and a business person, and not always will that blend be equal!

A large portion of your time, especially in the beginning, will be filled with communicating with clients and potential clients, sorting and editing photographs, marketing your business, raising invoices (hopefully!) and drafting client contracts.

With over 50 years of experience, our specialists can guide you through the type of insurance cover we offer for professional photographers. Call us on 01206 814500 or send us a message via our contact form.

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