Drone Insurance

We have policies available with a specialist Photographer and Aviation Insurer.

Take an overview of our cover
Policies cover commercial use only*.

The Insured must hold a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) license
with at least 10 hours flying experience or be undertaking
formal training.

Cover is provided for the drone itself, its detachable payload
and aviation liability.

The Towergate policy will cover multiple drones, unlimited CAA
qualified operators and meets CAA requirements and EU
regulation EC785/2004.

World-wide cover subject to certain excluded territories.
Aviation claims service working with industry specific loss
adjusters and solicitors
No exclusions / distinctions between hazardous and non hazardous locations

Replacement equipment covered
Commercial Insurance provided for a range of commercial
– Film and Media
– Professional Photographers
– Crop Management
– Disaster Management
– Monitoring
– Search & Rescue
– Security
– Surveys
– Many other commercial activities

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