Take Your Christmas Photography to the Next Level


It’s the most magical time of the year! Christmas (and winter) time provides a beautiful background to all your family and friends together during this special time of year. To capture imaginative and effective Christmas photographs, we’ve wrapped up some useful tips to snap photos that are fit for the mantlepiece.

To help you document lots of heart-warming moments this Christmas, the avid photographers at Glover & Howe have shared their top tips, advice and ideas for the festive season.

Creating beautiful bokeh

Bokeh is the collection of round lights you see in backgrounds. As you can imagine, you can create beautiful bokeh with your Christmas lights during the festive season! Focus on creating atmospheric light, use a lamp and another set of string lights, or even a natural window for light!

If you want the bokeh to stand out even more, make sure there’s no additional backlight in the background. You may find that certain photography accessories, like a tripod, will help you capture bokeh more affectively.

Get up close and personal

Put your Christmas ornaments into focus by getting up close to your favourite subject on your Christmas tree. By putting the subject of your photo closer to the camera, you’ll increase the amount of blur in the out-of-focus- parts of the image.

This highlights unique and interesting decorations on your Christmas tree, and shares a snippet of a Christmas with your family.

We’d recommend killing the flash when you’re getting up close to truly capture a natural shot.

Shoot in continuous mode

Although we suspect that you’ll encourage your family to smile for a planned portrait, there’s plenty of candid moments to catch at Christmas. Whether it’s around the dinner table or when it’s time to open what’s hiding under the Christmas tree!

Shooting on continuous mode, or ‘burst mode’, will enable you to take lots of shots of the festivities and ensure that you don’t miss the anticipation and excitement of the moment!

Fill your frame

Just like your stocking should be on Christmas morning, you’ll want to fill your frame too. Once you’ve chosen your subject, make the conscious decision to then fill your frame with it, by either using your zoom or simply getting up and moving closer.

It’s one of the simplest tricks in the book, and is guaranteed to have the most profound impact on your shots!

Don’t forget your white balance

Whether we’re lucky enough to get a snowfall this Christmas or not, the festive season can be quite white! Make sure you take a couple of test shots, both when you’re shooting indoors and out, as you may need to switch from your camera’s auto white balance settings to one of the other pre-sets or to manual.

You can also correct white balance in Lightroom, especially if you’re shooting in RAW.

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