Taking Your Dog Long-Distance Cruising on Your Superyacht


Many of our clients that we look after regarding their superyacht insurance are discovering the joys of bringing man’s best friend on board for long-distance cruising. Although Glover & Howe don’t offer pet insurance, we are committed to offering the very best advice for yacht owners!

For many leaving behind your beloved family pet when travelling is a major downside to exploring new and wonderful locations across the globe. Fortunately, if you own your own superyacht then making your next trip dog-friendly is a reality.

Before you set sail, it’s important to consider all of the factors that will affect your yachting experience when you bring you dogs onboard, after all the demand for this luxurious lifestyle acquisition isn’t slowing down!

Before you head out

• If you haven’t already, get your pet microchipped. Should they accidently jump ship and get lost in port somewhere, this will prove a useful lifeline in getting them back home safely.

Also consider popping an ID tag on them that contains your boat’s permanent marina location, a phone contact for when you’re afloat, and a landline phone number of a family member or a friend.

• Keep your dog entertained. Unless you’re the proud new owner of the world’s largest superyacht then your dog probably won’t be afforded as much space and freedom as they are on land.Don’t forget to pack some games for your dog onboard to keep them entertained and stimulated.

• Teaching your dog to do their business. It may feel like it’s back to basics for your pooch, but the smell of wet dog infusing the upholstery and a poorly potty-trained pup isn’t ideal!A handy purchase is a patch of artificial grass that will encourage your dog to do their business in one spot.

• Safety first. Not sure if your dog is a natural born paddler? If you’re concerned that your dog may jump ship, then you can kit your furry friend out with a dog-sized life jacket!It’s also worth getting your pets used to your yacht before the first time you take them out on it.

• Combating that sea sick feeling. Did you know that dogs can and do get sea sick? It’s worth speaking to your vet before you board about sickness medication options just in case your dog becomes unwell on the trip.You can also ask your vet about navigating the legalities of border control when it comes to bringing your pets off board once docked. Different countries may have different documentation that you need to do so, be sure to check before you set off.

As well as protecting your pooch on board, you also want to protect your latest investment, your superyacht. Glover & Howe offer comprehensive cover for superyachts, sailing boats and motorboats, including cover for UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our underwriters are also experienced sailors and fully understand and appreciate the bespoke needs of boat owners!

If you need any assistance or have further queries on our boat and dinghy insurance cover, please call the team on 01206 814500.

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