Wedding Photographers Only Spent 4% of their Time Taking Pictures, says New Survey

Printed wedding photos with the bride and groom, a vintage black camera and woman hands with photo

UK-based platform Your Perfect Wedding Photographer conducted an annual survey with over 300 professional wedding photographers and have revealed that as little as 4% of their business time is spent taking photos.  

If you’re a semi-professional or amateur photographer thinking of launching your own business, the results of this survey are a fantastic insight into the world of wedding photography.

Picture1So, if you’re only spending 4% of your time taking photographs, where is the rest of it spent? According to the annual survey, most of a wedding photographer’s time is spend on editing – a whopping 55% of it in fact! This is an interesting insight when you consider that most of your business time is actually spent doing something that the client doesn’t see the process of!

After editing photographs, wedding photographers can expect to spend 18% of their time dedicated to business and admin, 11% culling unwanted shots, and 7% for communications. 

Interestingly, each wedding photographer captures an average of 28 weddings a year (down one on the previous year), and 53% of the 300 sample prefer an unplugged wedding.

Canon and Nikon came out top on the preferred list of camera brands at 40% and 31%, respectively, Sony then followed, along with Fuji in fourth.

It’s important to note however, that the survey was conducted with a relatively small number of participants, but what do you think? Is this a similar story to your personal experience in the wedding industry? 

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