What will you be shooting with your drone in the future?


One of the most exciting developments in photography over recent years is undoubtedly aerial photography. The use of drones has captured some quite incredible footage across the globe and this has fuelled a phenomenal rise in the application of drones, which is most certainly going to impact positively on the photography and videography profession.

Drones are now being used as a commercial tool to capture all types of imagery and footage including aerial footage to sell property, property surveys, commercial footage for television, environmental studies and a great deal more. However, as the technology develops further so will the applications where drones become the norm in some quite diverse and interesting applications. In the future this will expand commercial photographers and videographers portfolio of services. If you are reading this and considering your diversification into drone photography and videography, what could you be shooting with your drone in 10 years from now?

Firstly, it is important to consider what equipment could be used with drones. Lights, Sound, Cameras, Microphones are obvious inclusions but could we see robotic arms, projectors, artificial intelligence and many other interventions in the desire to advance drone technology and its applications.

Here are some obvious and rather quirky futuristic applications for drones in no particular order…

  • Earthquake warning/research
  • Hurricane & Tornado monitoring & research
  • Predicting floods by closer study of weather patterns
  • Infrared photography for Forest fire monitoring
  • Thermo sensor drones for avalanche rescue
  • Early response drone in vehicle accident and emergency
  • Criminal recovery drone that chases down the culprits
  • Weather study drones to capture close up footage
  • Crowd control drones
  • Reporter drones, first on the scene
  • Parcel delivery drones
  • Medical emergency drones delivering vital lifesaving supplies
  • Grocery delivery drones for those who cannot get to the local supermarket
  • Catering drones, delivering food to tables
  • Construction recording and monitoring
  • Building maintenance to get access into difficult locations
  • Tree Surgery inspection drones
  • Thermo imaging drones to record building infrastructures
  • Security drones monitoring borders and difficult to secure locations
  • Geological and property survey drones
  • Ecological survey drones
  • Drones for recording sporting events
  • Drones for recording theatrical events
  • Advertising drones projecting images around a specific locations
  • Rapid pollination drones – artificial bees
  • Fertilisation drones for farming
  • Neighbourhood Watch drones (they will have to change the window stickers)
  • Insurance drones visiting locations to assess claims
  • Wildlife monitoring drones
  • Drones that intervene in hazardous situations

Albeit some of the ideas we have found, researched and thought of ourselves are rather quirky, we could have actually detailed pages and pages of mad cap ideas. What is obvious from our research are the astounding growth predictions around the use of drone technology with a market which is set to be bigger than the UK’s telecommunications sector.

As you develop your photography and videography businesses model to include numerous services using drone technology, you can be sure that one thing won’t change. Glover Howe will still be helping our professional and amateur camera operators to provide adequate insurance cover for their equipment including our excellent drone insurance services.

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