Will Smith Unveils the Huge Camera Ang Lee Uses to Film Gemini Man


Released in theatres on Friday 11th October, Gemini Man is an action thriller, directed by Ang Lee and starring Will Smith. The film follows a hitman who is targeted by a younger clone of himself.

Released to mixed critic and cinema goers’ reviews, we’re still in awe of the complex equipment that was used to bring a particular scene to the big screen in Gemini Man!

Capturing the moment

Will Smith has shared this exclusive behind-the-scenes photo taken from a particular action sequence (no spoilers!) filmed for Gemini Man.

Shared on his Instagram, in the caption he wrote, “This is what a 120 FPS 3D camera rig mounted on a crane looks like hanging over my head. Ang Lee is a brilliant filmmaker but sometimes he be doin’ too much!! You GOTTA see Gemini Man in 3D!”

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 09.36.56

It has been stated that director Ang Lee purposely shot Gemini Man in 120-frames-per-second, in 4K and 3D, to bring to life the relationship between lead star Will Smith and his digitally, de-aged clone counterpart, “Junior.”

This film technique is also ideal for capturing smooth, slow motion action sequences that typically play out quickly in real time. To get the ‘full experience’ of Gemini Man in theatres, Will Smith is urging cinemagoers to opt for the 3D version of the sci-fi film.

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