5 Essential Camera Accessories That Every Amateur Photographer Should Own

Untitled-1Buying photography equipment for the first time is a daunting task. You’ll need some essential kit to snap the photos that match your vision but the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy all that stuff right away!

Once you’ve built up your photography skills, then you can invest in more equipment.

So, assuming that you’ve already got yourself a great beginner camera, here’s 5 essential bits of kit that will help you get started.

(1) Camera Tripod

The importance of the humble camera tripod will depend upon the subjects you photograph. However, for most, a tripod is an essential piece of kit to have and will likely become an extension of your camera. Whether you’re looking to photograph landscapes, dabble with long exposures or photograph in low light, a good quality tripod is a must.

For a beginner photographer, we’d recommend a moderately lightweight aluminium tripod that won’t break the bank but will perform on location.

(2) Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is a fairly inexpensive piece of camera equipment that lets you “take the shot” without physical touching the camera body. Often used in conjunction with a tripod, this useful bit of kit eliminates the potential for any camera shake and accidental blurring.

(3) SD Memory Cards

You’ll find that memory cards come in varying capacities, formats and speeds. Although not quite as fun to choose between compared to a nifty new tripod, memory cards are the backbone of any photographic or video-based project, so choose wisely!

In our experience, it’s better to have a handful of smaller SD cards than one big SD cards. That way, if a card should get corrupt, you’ll still have others you can use.

(4) Specialist Photographer Insurance

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional, the equipment you use is valuable – so it’s worth protecting. Although not strictly a camera accessory, specialist photographer insurance is essential for the enthusiastic photographer.

Glover & Howe cover “all risks” in the home and away, and the standard cover can start from as little as £25 per year!  

(5) Camera Bag

Once your collection of kit begins to grow – you’ll likely add extra batteries, lenses and filters into the mix – you’ll find an increasing need for a good quality camera bag. Picking a good one is mostly common sense, you want a comfortable bag that fits your equipment.

Your ideal bag will largely depend on the type of photography you like to do:

  • Landscape photographers – As you’re likely to travel long distances whilst carrying a lot of equipment, you’ll primarily want a camera or hiking backpack that’s extra safe and secure.
  • Street and travel photographers – Quick access is key for street and travel photographers! You’ll likely want a smaller shoulder bag.
  • Studio photographers – If you’re looking to photograph products at home or in a studio, you may not even need a bag.

We recommend that you try them out in person, as comfort is very subjective! Along the same lines, don’t forget a good quality camera strap, too.

Glover & Howe offer an ideal annual policy for the enthusiastic photographer from just £4.00 per month or just £25.00 a year! Our cover is available whether working from home, in a studio or on location and includes worldwide cover. Speak to our specialists about the type of cover we offer on 01206 814500.


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