Are you are professional drone pilot, or have a desire to be one?


The market for Drones is certainly a popular one and predicted by the accounting house PwC to become worth in excess of £42bn by 2030 generating over 600,000 jobs. Now compare that to the entire British telecoms industry that generated a total of £30.2bn in 2015, it really puts the growing demand for Drones in a commercial sense in perspective. Where many of us may fly our Drones for pleasure, some for business and may be a few chasing excited children around the house, the market is indeed set to explode.

You could even use them in the office. This video demonstrates pioneering use of Drone technology in the office environment.

While we all consider just how much influence Drones will have on our lives given the growth statistics, how can we progress our skills as a qualified drone pilot?

Taking your drone pilot career forward

If you are planning on using a Drone as a hobby, then a Drone Licence is not required as long as you follow the CAA regulations.  If you are planning on using a Drone for profit or business purposes, you will need to get permission in the form of a ‘PfCO’ (Permissions for Commercial Operations) from a recognised CAA approved provider. Permission will be granted by the CAA, following the successful completion of a CAA registered training program. This includes practical and theory tests, as well as your operations manual.

In the UK it’s a permission-based process, not a licence. A licence requires you to train further with a National Qualified Entity (NQE).

What does your training include:

  • Three day ground school, flight assessment and operations manual consultation is designed to deliver theoretical knowledge necessary to gain your permission from the CAA
  • The course teaches candidates the knowledge required to safely operate their aircraft in a commercial capacity
  • Candidates will learn about operating procedures and the technical specifications of the aircraft
  • You will then be required to conduct practical flight assessment to ensure operational competency

Following a successful course conducted by a CAA registered trainer, you can apply for your PfCO with the CAA. You are then ready to embark on the exciting field of commercial Drone photography and videography!

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