Government announces the new Drone Safety Partnership scheme


New legislation coming into force this month will be to extend ‘no-fly’ zones around UK airports. The new partnership program announced in February is launched in conjunction with the high street retailer Jessops to raise awareness of responsible drone use.

The new drone legislation includes a ‘no-fly zone’ banning drones and model aircraft from 5km of runways and will come into force this month. This will include handing the police powers to stop and search individuals who may be in breach of this new legislation.

The combined efforts of the government working alongside the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced the partnership with Jessops. The national campaign will increase public awareness of the rules around flying drones with the addition of a digital toolkit provided to airports to help them raise awareness of the new rules.

This new legislation follows on from laws introduced last year that restricted the use of drones and brings forward the new drone-users register. The widening ‘no-fly zone’ has been increased by sveral kilometres specifically banning drone flight within 5km of runway ends. This enlarged zone will further go to protect the nations airports from individuals misusing drones, and the legislation officially came into force on 13thMarch 2019, just a few days ago.

Future plans

To increase safety and in view of the drone market gaining in popularity for commercial and leisure use, the new Drones Bill is also underway. It will provide the constabularies with powers to stop and search people who they suspect using drones maliciously above 400ft or within the 5km zone.

The disruption seen at Gatwick towards the end of 2018 has fuelled the new legislation and given the phenomenal forecasted commercial and leisure growth in the drone market, we believe at Glover & Howe this will not only protect airports it will also provide clear guidance for Drone operators in the future. It will especially encourage manufacturers to provide clear guidance and standards of education to drone pilots making sure they are fully aware of the new rules, and adhere to them.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the pilot to make sure they use their drones in the right way. The enjoyment many get from flying drones will continue, it just means individuals need to take extra care with their flying and flight paths.

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