Nikon Reveals the D6 is in Development, with New 120-300mm Lens


Nikon has officially announced the development of the Nikon D6, this reveal comes after a slew of rumours about the replacement for the flagship Nikon D5 model.

The reveal was reportedly made following a premature leak via the company’s social media accounts on Wednesday 4th September. The Japanese manufacturer said that the Nikon D6 is, ‘Nikon’s most advanced digital SLR to date’ and just like its predecessors will respond to the strict demands of professional photographers with the ‘ultimate in performance.’

What are the specifications of the Nikon D6?

Whilst Nikon have confirmed that the Nikon D6 is arriving, it has yet to share the finer details of the specifications of the camera. However, in the market that Nikon launch in with this particular line of DSLRs, we’re sure that the D6 will be well-equipped for purpose! Likely continuing to boast ruggedness, dependability, speed and the support of a professional lens and accessory system.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time to speculate the finer specifications, and outlets have wasted no time in doing so!

When will the Nikon D6 launch?

Nikon hasn’t confirmed a release date for their brand-new model, however, Digital Camera World reports that the Nikon D6 is already being field-tested but won’t become available until 2020 – the year of the Summer Olympics Games, hosted in Tokyo.

We await for an official announcement from Nikon themselves.

What about the AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR?

As well as the brand-new D6, a glorious constant aperture telephoto zoom lens is also under development!

Unfortunately, once again, Nikon are playing their cards close to their chest and there’s no technical details of the AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR yet, but it has been confirmed that it’s being specifically designed for professional sports photography and has been rumoured to arrive alongside the Nikon D6 in potentially 2020.

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