Autumn Photography: Capture Awesome Autumn Shots with these 5 Tips

GettyImages-1036404942-min1There’s something truly magical about how the scenes around us are transformed into seas of red and golden hues. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, and with crisp, fresh air it makes it the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors and capture our autumnal surroundings.

Perhaps you’re a seasoned landscape photographer or for the first time you want to delve into capturing these shots at this particularly photogenic time of year. To help you make the most of these picturesque sceneries, we’ve put together some crucial photography tips to feel you with confidence. 

Scout your location

There’s most likely plenty of beautiful woodlands and forests near you, and in the UK many National Trust places are blessed with lovely scenery full of trees. Before you make the trip to a Trust near you, check any recent images on social media, either from the National Trust themselves, or from other photographers sharing their work on Instagram.

Simply look for the location in the app, or search via a hashtag associated with the Trust. Checking before you go will ensure that the colours are vibrant and the sunlight is atmospheric enough for you to capture your ideal shots.

Autumn in East Sussex, England. [Credit: Gettys]

Autumn in East Sussex, England. [Credit: Gettys]

Shoot in the golden hours

You can get great results at any time of the day, but nothing brings out those colours of a lush autumn day like at the end of the day, just before sunset when the light is golden.

This beautiful light will truly accentuate the reds, golds, and yellows even more! Remember than some wildlife may be more active during certain times of the day, and although they won’t sit and pose for you, they can make for some incredible shots.

Don’t ignore overcast days!

It may be tempting to not bother if the British weather is drizzling or tempting to rain with an overcast shadow, but actually, this weather can make for some pretty interesting photographs in landscape photography.

Overcast days generally help create an atmospheric, moody influence on a photograph – one that you simply can’t replicate on a sunny day!

Double the colour with reflections

Large bodies of water are never in short supply in National Trust sites in the UK, and what better way to make use of them in the colder months than in our photograph! Including still water for reflections will create stunning mirroring in your shots and amplify any colour.

Remember, smoother water equals better reflections!

Peak autumn foliage in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire

Peak autumn foliage. [Credit: Gettys]

Look for contrast in your shots


A great way to accentuate the colours in your photographs is to think about framing your shots in a way that the different colours contrast with each other. By taking note of the colour of your surroundings and pairing them up, you can really capture the essence of autumn.

You may also consider using a polarising filter in your photographs, too.

Wrapping up, coffee in hand and heading out on an autumn day to capture local sights is a fantastic experience, whether you’re a semi-professional or an amateur photographer. We hope these tips are useful when shooting in autumn this year, and don’t forget to pack your tripod for sharp shots!

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