Buying a Drone for Christmas? This is What You Need to Know About the New Laws

Picture1If a drone is on yours or your children’s Christmas wish list this year, then you’ll need to make sure you’re flying it legally or you could be hit with a £1,000 fine! Here’s what you need to know before Santa pops it under the Christmas tree.

Drone registration legislation came into effect on 30th November this year by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). With estimates suggesting that there are around 90,000 drone users in the UK, and many more new owners by Christmas. However, whether you intend to fly regularly or not it’s vital that you’re aware of how the drone registration scheme affects you.

What is it?

Anyone wanting to fly one of these popular gadgets have to take a test to prove that they can do so ‘safely and legally’ as well as pay an annual fee, or they could risk a £1,000 fine warns CAA.

This legislation is to better protect the public against such incidents as the disruption that was caused by the drone attack at Gatwick Airport just before Christmas 2018.

Running alongside this code are mandatory regulations that apply to drones and model aircraft that weigh more than 250g. To meet the requirements operators must:

  • Pay an annual £9 fee.
  • Pass an online test to get a flyer ID.
  • Register for an operator ID if you’re responsible for a drone or model aircraft. Only over 18s can register and registration lasts for a year and then must be renewed.
  • Label any drones / model aircrafts that you’re responsible for with your operator ID.
  • Children under 13 can only register as a flyer with a parent or guardian present. Flyer registration lasts for three years.

The new Drone and Model Aircraft Code can be found here.

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Do I need insurance?

Glover & Howe have policies available with a specialist Photographer and Aviation Insurer if you are intended to use your drone for commercial use, including film and media, security, surveys and many more. The cover is provided for the drone itself, its detachable payload and aviation liability.

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