Do Photographers Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?


Things don’t always go to plan. In the world of professional photography, a shoot could go disastrously wrong and you’re left with an unhappy client and an email from your client’s lawyer.

When you think of photographic insurance, you’re likely to think of protection for your expensive camera equipment, but an insurance product that is specifically designed to protect you and your photography business is just as important.

Professional indemnity insurance does just this, and is crucial for you as a professional or semi-professional photographer.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

For businesses that give advice or provide a professional service to clients, professional indemnity insurance is incredibly important. In simple terms, professional indemnity covers you for mistakes or an allegation you’ve made a mistake.

It’s especially important for a photographer because let’s face it, your work can be frustratingly subjective at times. No matter your experience and how diligently you work to ensure you do a fantastic job for your clients, there’s always that risk that you’ll be faced with a compliant, warranted or not.

Professional indemnity insurance will cover the legal costs of fighting this sort of claim, and provide you the funds you need to clear your name, as well as compensation to your client in circumstances where you are liable due to professional negligence.

A lot of professional photographers get work simply from their reputation alone, you wouldn’t want to risk it being tarnished.

Who can make a valid claim under professional indemnity insurance?

You’d think that it would be exclusively claims from clients, but unfortunately, professional photographers can also be at risk from third-parties. For example, a fellow professional photographer could bring a claim against you for a breach of copyright, or a model can allege you hadn’t obtained written  consent.

Nothing has ever gone wrong! Do I really need professional indemnity as a professional photographer?

Professional indemnity claims are certainly less frequent than claims relating to damaged or stolen camera equipment. However, in the event something does go wrong, it can be incredibly stressful for the photographer to attempt to navigate the matter themselves.

Not only can they be extremely expensive, without the expert knowledge of the claims handlers and solicitors, they can take up a lot of your valuable time. With a specialist photographic insurance provider, you know that your claim is in safe hands.

What cover is provided to professional photographers from Glower & Howe?

With over 50 years of experience in photographic insurance, we understand how much your camera equipment and business mean to you. That’s why we boast a specialist in-house claims team to ensure that should you need to make a claim, it’s dealt with in full, in a timely and efficient manner.

Our professional indemnity insurance covers you or your employees, partners, directors or any other persons, partnership, firm or company acting on your behalf for breach of professional duty by reasons of negligence, error or omission happening in connection with your business.

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Protect your professional photography business and have peace of mind with Glover & Howe. If you have any further questions about our specialist photographer insurance, speak to team about your requirements on 01206 814500.

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