Glover & Howe announces the launch of its new Videography Equipment Insurance Policy


At Glover & Howe we have been insuring professional, semi professional and indeed amateur photographers equipment for over 50 years. This is something we are extremely proud of having built some very long-term relationships with photographers all over the UK.

Over the years we have seen a very obvious migration in the market place towards videography with existing clients. We have until now only been able to insure their videography equipment as an add-on policy to their photographic equipment insurance– as long as it doesn’t account for more than 52% of their commercial work. We introduced this addition a number of years ago as videography became more and more of a commercial need, with the increasing requirement to shoot the moving image as well as the traditional still.

Over the past decade we have seen a huge increase in the world of videography with the expanding commercialisation of video production relative to the ‘online’ need for the moving image as well as the still version. Businesses look for video content to promote their products and services, Vloggers are constantly recording influencer style videos to either promote their own content and drive traffic to their blogs, or indeed they are the latest acquisitions of well-known and not so well-known consumer brands looking for influential brand advocates to nurture consumer spending – or to use the well recited term,‘YouTubers’. These influencers build up a following, constantly filming and promoting endless ‘box-openings’ of a vast array of consumer goods and the latest exciting gadgets.

“Our insurance products have evolved to cater perfectly for the changing world of photography and videography’

With the demand for a high quality videography equipment insurance product, we have introduced this year our excellent independent videography equipment insurance policy. This will cater for the professional, semi professional and amateur Videographer, Vlogger and indeed our increasing customer base of photographers who also practice the art of videography.

This standalone insurance product will provide more opportunities for our clients to have insurance that represents the uniqueness of their activity, and perfectly correlates with the recent introduction of Drone insurance. The latter presenting a market that is most certainly set to explode commercially over the coming years.

If you want to know more about our photography, videography and drone equipment insurance services, contact our team today on 01206 814500.

We are confident we can provide you with excellent value and cover for your equipment!

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