5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Photography in 2020


A New Year has begun and with it comes the opportunity to better your photography in a brand-new decade! Like any other aspect of your life, your photography should be re-evaluated and goals should be set to help your creativity and skills grow.
Whether you’re already a professional photographer, looking to go pro in 2020 or simply an avid hobbyist, here’s 5 ideas to help set achievable goals for the New Year.

(1) Take your camera with you more often

We’re all guilty of leaving our camera at home when we walk out of the house to do the weekly shop, visit our loved ones or even when walking the dog. But, the truth is, if we had it in our bag or even in the car, we’d take more photographs!

Get into the habit of taking your camera with you, a photographer’s eye never rests, make sure you’ve got the kit to capture what yours sees.

(2) Step outside your comfort zone

This can be interpreted in so many different ways, and will completely depend on where you are as a photographer and the direction that you wish to go in. You may be a pro at landscape photography but feel uneasy capturing portraits, likewise, you may have a ‘go-to’ lens but shy away from other photography techniques.

Take a good look at your photography and decipher where your comfort zone is, and step outside of it. Find a new subject, learn a new piece of editing software, or if you’re thinking about going pro, book in your first event for 2020.

(3) Get organised

An organised work space is a happy work space, and that extends to your kit bag too! By keeping track of all your items, you’ll not only most likely discover equipment that you forgot you had, but you’ll also save on expense of having to purchase them again! 

The ‘get organised’ mantra also extends to your work processes. Now is a great time to establish a work flow that is right for you when you’re uploading and editing large batches of photographs.

A brand-new year is also a great opportunity to finally insure your photography equipment, not only will it give you peace of mind for the year ahead, but it will also mean that you’re covered worldwide – perfect for the adventure 2020 will bring.

(4) Meet other photographers

If you’re a beginner, don’t be intimidated by pros. Likewise, if you’re a pro, welcome the newbies! Reaching out and start a dialogue with photographers around you. There’s no doubt that there’s a bunch of other enthusiastic photographers in your local area, you’ve just got to find them!

Not only are meet-ups a great opportunity to grow and learn from each other, it also provides a sense of community and the chance to network surrounding any future collaboration projects.

(5) Print more photos

How often do we see our photos on a computer screen? Too often! It’s time to print them and enjoy them. Adorn your home with them, Grandma’s home and your friend’s home too! 

You could print little sizes for Mum’s purse or even gift family portraits to loved ones.

Don’t leave 2020 to chance. Protect your photography equipment and have peace of mind this New Year and beyond. Find out more about our specialist photographer insurance and speak to team about your requirements this New Year on 01206 814500.

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